THE SOUND: Acoustic, hiphop, soul, punk — fusion.

My story starts in Texas in a town called Amarillo in the panhandle where the fireflies light up the night sky and the sun sets on the plains on those dusty dirt roads. I always knew I would move away–headed to the Rocky Mountains with the snowcapped slopes in the distance. I moved to a town called Pueblo for 3 years and then moved to South Denver for a year.

Then I visited a friend on the Big Island to heal from a break-up and deal with some family issues. I quickly fell in love with the people, the culture and the beauty of The Islands. I moved here almost 12 years ago with $120 bucks in my pocket, a skateboard and my acoustic guitar. Thank God I had a couch to crash on, big thanks to my homie Mike, AKA “Pecker”. Now residing on Oahu, I play music and pursue my passion, jamming every chance I get.

Aloha and Much Love, Ginja Fresh